Hokkaido Ken Links

Here’s some links that can provide some more information on the Hokkaido Ken and other Nihon Ken. I’ll continue to add to this as I find helpful pages.

The HANA Project

This is the headquarters for all things related to the Hokkaido Association of North America and their efforts to educate about the breed.

The Nihon Ken Forum

Connect with other Nihon Ken owners of all types from all over the world. Read from a lengthy history and become a member to ask your own questions.

Nihonken Blog: Hokkaido

A brief overview of the breed and their history. This blog is one of the best English language ones out there, written by an expert living in Japan who has a had in many of the Japanese dogs imported to the United States.

Hokkaido Pedigree

Family trees for Hokkaido Ken from all over the world. Here’s Umma.

Tokachi Morikado

Open in Chrome and use Google translate unless you can read Japanese well. This is the kennel Umma’s mother, Genko, came from in Hokkaido and has a few pics of how Hokkaido Ken are used for hunting. Follow on Instagram.

Japan Dog Export: Hokkaido Ken

Brief history of the breed.

Looking for a pup? Check out these US breeders:

Hokusei Kashinoki Hokkaido Ken and Masakado Shiba Inu

This is where Umma came from.

Apricity Kennel

Kaiju Kennels

Mijikai Kensha (this is where Arashi went)